Dapper to details

I’ve always been fascinated with fashion. Always on top of what is trending. Not necessarily wearing it just because it goes down a runway. Over the years I found my style. Given my line of work, where you need to look presentable I found suits and jackets a bit boring, so I started to add details to my daily outfits. That was 15 years ago. Now it is a passion

My experience working with influencers, blogger, vloggers, YouTubers has taught me that you need to be passionate about what you want to share. I’ve been pregnant with the idea of starting something on theme of Dapper since it is part of my everyday, but time has always come in the way. Working with digital transformation and giving advise on how to incorporate the next plattform in your marketing, I got the urge to figure Instagram out.

That is how Dapper to details started as a project to learn how Instagram works. I needed to get my hands dirty. I bought some basic photo boxes and starting creating content with the details that make an outfit stand out. Dapper_to_details came to life summer of 2018 and has a base ready for the next step. An online store is launching Q2 2019. Follow the details.

Lars Bratsberg