D3 consulting is founded on more than 20 years of experience. D3’s core product is a frame work that conducts a digital due diligence. It is an add-on product to the classic due diligence with Private Equity and Venture Capital as main target groups. It the perfect guide for any business that wants to know what their digital footprint looks like and where to go next.

Marketing has not changed, but the playing field has changed dramatically. D3 has been at the center of this playing field for two decades. The pivotal change came with digital. Our founder was marketeer of the year 2008 and also won the Financial Times Business award for his work on launching a brand, for a broadcasting service on a digital plattform. This was just when it became crucial to understand how innovation and technology changed any business plan.

Experience from consultancy, agencies, start-ups, mentorships, executive boards, client side, media side and Google cross EMEA and APAC, we know what it takes to succeed. We have a wide range of partners that makes sure our product is on top its game. You have to exceed the pace of change to be successful in the years to come. We know how to help you.

Your digital footprint. Your digital excellence. Your use of data. You making a better choice. Your next move. That’s what our framework will help you be better at. Your success is our legacy.


Understand more about our product Digital Due Diligence and the process behind here.